Ketchikan Daily News

Cover of the Ketchikan Daily News article on my 2013 Main Street Gallery “Mark of the Beast” show.


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I am an oil painter with a passion for sharing my fascination for creatures, myths and storytelling. Whether it is the wariness in a wolf’s gaze, the blank complexity of a locust’s eye or the tension in a horse’s posture — I work to share what delights me, in my paintings.

I want to pique the viewer’s curiosity and excitement about the subjects I paint, and maybe give people a new way to see them.

“Painting is a universal language by means of which an artist conveys his thought and ideas to the whole world … To paint the picture and express his ideas is the puzzle which the artist must himself solve, and the answer should be shown on his canvas.”  — W. Frank Calderon, “Animal Painting and Anatomy,”