I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Oregon State University in 1987, and studied painting at Grey’s School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland in the school year of 1985-1986.

My love of drawing was incubated in my high school years when I lived on a sailboat, traveling mostly in the Puget Sound, Wash. and Vancouver Island, B.C. area, eventually sailing with my family to Ketchikan, Alaska, where I live now. My father loved solitude, and we usually anchored in a remote bay rather than a busy marina. With all that quiet time, I poured most of my time and energy into drawing. I especially enjoyed copying figures from Frank Frazetta’s art — I loved the power and drama of his muscular, comic-book-like characters and animals.

I have spent most of my years as an artist painting portraits on commission — some of people — but most have been of animals. I don’t mind working from photos, and often use photos as references for my gallery works. Rather than copying straight from a photo for those pieces, I re-imagine backgrounds, better lighting and colors and compositions.

My non-painting passions are my husband and four children ranging from 12 years to 22, training my wilderness search and rescue dogs as a volunteer with Ketchikan Volunteer Rescue Squad K9, my dog training business Rain City K9, and working as a volunteer firefighter and EMT with North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department.

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